Marvus "Scar"

Human Pilot


Captain of the Pisces for the Lindblum fleet, Marvus, aka Scar, is a pilot through and through. Coming from a family that gave him little advantages in life, Scar went to school through age 17, barely surviving on two meals a day (he skipped breakfast). Upon scraping by through school, Scar escaped his parents at age 17 and joined classes to become part of the Lindblum fleet, as his goal of becoming the greatest sky captain slowly became a reality. Graduating at age 19, Scar drafted his first mate Deke and became captain of the Pisces, performing regular supply missions, and definitely not doing anything against the law.

(This Biography is 100% from Scar’s perspective, so take it as you will)

Marvus "Scar"

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